“The most inte…

“The most interesting information comes from children, for they tell all they know and then stop.”
-Mark Twain

*Just say what you know and stop. I swear people will listen

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I guess it isn’t too bad not having a car…

Milwaukee & Beyond

Like most Americans, I began driving when I was 16.  I bought my mom’s car when she got a new one, and I found myself with a 1996 Plymouth Acclaim.  I drove to high school and back, to parties and to work.  I sped and got tickets, and I bumped against enough curbs to lose all of my hubcaps.  When I was 18, I sold my car.  And unlike most Americans, I didn’t get a new one.

In two weeks I’ll turn 28, marking my ten-year anniversary of being car-less.  I’ll admit, when I’m cyclying to work in the blistering heat or pouring rain, when I’m walking home from the grocery store with my hiking bag full of food weighing down on my shoulders, and when I want to visit my friends who don’t live in the city, I glance at the passing traffic wistfully.

So why don’t I drive?…

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“Too many choices, kills the choice”…..less is more people

Breaking The (Shopping) Contract

Cheater!!” Mr ET shouted, as I emerged into the living room.

What?” I shot back. I was completely taken off guard by his reaction. I was standing before him in my chic outfit paired with green wedge suede shoes.

That’s new!!” he bellowed.

What?” I shot back, defensively and confused.

“That dress. I’ve never seen that dress,” he explained.

I was being falsely accused.

It’s not new, I swear!” I began to plead with him.

I don’t know, I’ve never seen it,” he continued as he skeptically circled me.

I…I don’t know why you’ve never seen it,” I said, turning slowly, following his gaze, “I suppose I forgot I owned it. I’m not cheating.

Are you sure?” he questioned.

Honestly, I think I’ve owned it longer than we’re been…

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Just a little about me! =)

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Thinking About You

Thinking About You

I found this piece of slam poetry and it made my day just a little better! We all like to think about that certain someone now and again.

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Somewhere over the Rainbow

Somewhere over the Rainbow

“They say you should never look directly into the sun, but I say not to worry for we are all blind”

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This is my firs…

This is my first blog so let’s see how this goes! =)

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